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Models and visuals by Sunn-Starr Architectural, Inc.

Images courtesy of:  USA Architects and Engineers

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  Seaside Inn - Ventura Beach Resort - Ventura, CA  


The images shown above are part of a Fast-Track Schematic Design Study performed in August of 2001.

The project goal was to obtain accurate cost information for the financing and transformation of this high-profile 12-story landmark hotel into a world-class beach-side resort.  (Stunning seaside views were intentionally left out of these images in order to focus the viewer on the building itself.)

The proposed design was very well received and preliminary costs amazingly came in much lower than expected.  The various design stages and images illustrated here are the result of an intense collaborative effort between USA Architects and Engineers, Inc. of


San Buenaventura, California (the Owner's Consulting Architect of Record) and Sunn-Starr Architectural, Inc. (the Project's 3D Modeling and Visualization Consultant.)

Progress on this project was unfortunately stalled by the events of September 11   Our prayers go out to all the souls that lost their lives and to all the families and businesses affected by this tragic event.

We are still quite optimistic about this particular project, but regardless of how this project goes, the images on this page will always serve to remind us to stay focused during difficult times and to always count our blessings. 


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