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Models and visuals by Sunn-Starr Architectural, Inc.

Images courtesy of:  B. G. - Northridge, California

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  Yolanda Ave. Residence - Northridge, California . .  


After the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, hundreds of Homeowners found themselves without adequate financing for reconstruction.

On this particular project for instance, all of the backyard block walls were toppled and the swimming pool was cracked in several places.  There was structural damage to raised floors in the hallway, the floor tile in the bathroom and kitchen areas; as well as severe damage to the roof diaphragm, roof tiles and brick chimney.


None of this was particularly unusual - It was the way the Insurance Companies chose to react that took folks by surprise.

A few web-surfing Property Owners immediately took action, and realizing that 'Fast-track Presentation Documents' would lead to a successful reconstruction, proceeded to contact firms like ours for assistance.  We only wish we could have helped more of these victimized homeowners navigate through this complicated process.


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