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Design and 3D Presentation by Sunn-Starr Architectural, Inc.

Images courtesy of:  Lee and Associates - Sherman Oaks, Ca.

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During the last quarter of 2010 it became obvious that leasing commercial properties in Los Angeles was going to be a challenge.

In order to attract the maximum number of Potential Tenants, a team of experts, including an accomplished Property Manager and Developer, an award-winning Commercial Real Estate Agent, and the Owners of the existing building, all decided to do some last- minute brainstorming on the best way to promote this property .

Located on the South side of Ventura Boulevard in the upscale city of Woodland Hills and facing a modern Porsche Dealership across the street, this very desirable corner site posed some considerable difficulties - especially when it came to on-site parking availability.

The best solution arrived at was a shared parking arrangement with adjacent properties where surplus parking stalls are available.


The Woodland Hills 'Streetscape Plan' which encourages outdoor dining and generous landscaping was enthusiastically embraced.

Also, because changing the existing building's footprint would trigger new parking code requirements, reducing square footage to where it would not make sense financially - it was decided to keep the footprint and provide for three (3) possible types of use: a bank branch, a small restaurant, or a simple storefront retail outlet.

With these criteria in mind and with only a few short weeks before the target Commercial Real Estate Fair coming up, we jumped into action and came up with a building design, outdoor dining patio and landscaped parking schemes, as shown in the images above.

Combined with a great location and great signage opportunities, it is anticipated this property will find suitable tenants soon enough. 


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