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Yolanda Avenue Residence Yolanda Avenue Residence Yolanda Avenue Residence Yolanda Avenue Residence Yolanda Avenue Residence
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Interactive CADD Presentation


The Paper Space System

Model Space and Viewports

Alphabetical Naming Conventions

Drafting Layer Standards

Colors and Materials

Multimedia Planning

Presentation Schematics

Design Development Models

Construction Documents

Virtual Reality



Celebrating the Competition

The video link below is the first in a series of videos that will be posted here to showcase the great work being done in other parts of the world in the fields of Architectural 3D Modeling and Computer Animation.

As an Architectural Portal, we encourage viewers to browse the playlist at the end of each video and to visit the websites referenced.  Under no circumstances is this showcase to be considered an endorsement of services offered by others.  Inspiration and 'benchmarks for quality' are the only goals here.  Enjoy!!!

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